Release 0.2 – Feb 22 Update

After fixing the bug for Sloth open source project, I had a hard time to find a bug which I was interested in fixing. But, at last, I found Marquez project which had really interesting bugs to fix.


It is an open source metadata service for the collection, aggregation and visualization of the data ecosystem’s metadata.

Bug to be fixed

I asked for permission, and they were happy to assign it to me. I had to remove the @JsonProperty from the api models. Basically, I had to clean up some files. So, I made the changes and submitted the pull request.

But, the circleCI build failed and their member was happy to help me fixing that and I found that I just had to run the below command to fix it.

$ ./gradlew spotlessApply

I learned so much fixing this bug and will work on the same project for my next bug fix. Until then stay tuned!!!

Pull Request Link

Issue Link

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